Barr on Physics and Transubstantiation

Noting Fr. Michael Kelly, S. J.’s commentary on the doctrine of transubstantiation, Catholic physicist Stephen Barr replies at First Thoughts:

“Catholic World News reports that Fr. Michael Kelly, S.J. the CEO of the Asian Catholic News agency, finds the Catholic doctrine of “transubstantiation” meaningless in this “post-Newtonian world of quantum physics”. Since I use quantum mechanics every day in my work, I think I can match my understanding of this post-Newtonian world of quantum physics against Fr. Kelly’s, and I do not find the doctrine “meaningless”.”

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One comment on “Barr on Physics and Transubstantiation

  1. charles allan says:

    I see no problem about this – it is a mystery and the Bread and Wine
    become the Body and Blood of Jesus . Physics cannot prove or disprove
    many things.